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Family Support

Everyone in the family is negatively affected by alcoholism and addiction.

Pegasus offers individual and group support for those affected by substance use.

Symptoms of Codependency can include:

  • excessive focus on or worry about another person
  • difficulty setting boundaries
  • tendency to try to control or take care of another
  • seeing another person as needy or not competent
  • poor self-care
  • enabling someone’s addictive behaviour
  • difficulty identifying one’s own needs, preferences, wants
  • feelings of guilt, shame, fear
  • physical symptoms: headaches, gastrointestinal problems, hypertension, insomnia

If you are worried about a loved one’s substance use, consider booking a session to discuss treatment options.

Family Group

We offer regular, confidential group sessions in a therapeutic, supportive environment where you can learn to detach with love and create a life worth living, regardless of whether the addict in your life chooses recovery or not. The relief experienced by our participants who are able to speak openly with others who know exactly how they feel is priceless. These sessions are a wonderful way to bring recovery principles to the family system and begin the liberation from the negative impact addiction has.

Group sessions run continuously with an ongoing intake.
Cost is $225 for 8 sessions.

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