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Medical Monitoring

Pegasus provides medical monitoring and recovery management services

We offer medical monitoring services throughout all of British Columbia and parts of the Yukon Territory, including remote communities. Strict adherence to a medical monitoring agreement helps to ensure the employer that workplace health and safety ideals are met, while also supporting the individual in achieving long-term abstinence and recovery from substance use disorder.

Research concludes that implementing post-treatment medical monitoring greatly improves the prognosis for an individual affected by a substance use disorder.

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Our Process and Protocols

Each monitoring agreement is generally two to ten years in duration, and based on the recommendations of an Addictions Medicine Specialist physician following a comprehensive medical evaluation of the individual identified as having a substance use disorder. Fundamentals of monitoring include random Chain of Custody laboratory testing and accountability sessions with an assigned monitor to ensure that the participant is in full compliance with all terms of their agreement. The Pegasus monitor communicates all episodes of non-compliance immediately to the employer and any other designated recipients.

Pegasus utilizes several different laboratories in order to offer testing for a vast array of illicit and pharmaceutical substances. The result of every Chain of Custody laboratory test is reviewed by Medical Review Officer before being released, and every positive result is reported immediately to the employer and designated recipients. Our DOT-certified specimen collectors provide in-house Chain of Custody testing at our Victoria BC offices so that truly random biological testing can be performed on any day of the year, including weekends and holidays.

Types of testing include:
  • Ethyl Glucuronide (alcohol)
  • Soberlink portable breathalyzer testing
  • Hair & fingernail analysis
  • Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) blood testing
  • Oral fluids

Pegasus also offers monitoring services in any capacity for individuals who are in need of additional support and accountability in their recovery from substance use disorder.

For more information please email: or call : 1–888-732-6842

Frequently Asked Questions

What drugs are tested for?

Pegasus tests for the presence of the alcohol metabolite, Ethyl Glucuronide, as well as a full spectrum of drugs including but not limited to: THC, cocaine, amphetamines and meth-amphetamines, opioids (including fentanyl, methadone, suboxone, hydromophone, dilaudid and tramadol), barbiturates, MDMA, ketamine and benzodiazepines.  We also have the ability to test for GHB through hair testing.

What is Soberlink?

Soberlink is a breath alcohol testing device that may be recommended by the assessing physician for individuals with a history of alcohol use disorder. Pegasus provides the device and sets up the account.  Clients can expect to provide a breath sample a number of times per day when prompted by a text message.  Results are immediately transmitted to Soberlink and then to Pegasus. Pegasus requires a $500 refundable deposit on the device.