Outpatient Addiction Treatment - Pegasus Recovery Solutions
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Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Program

Recover In Your Real World

Pegasus Recovery Solutions’ Intensive Outpatient Program offers an excellent alternative to residential treatment for individuals 19+ struggling with substance use and other addictive disorders. Our program is ideal for those wishing to achieve and maintain abstinence-based recovery without stepping away from the responsibilities of day-to-day life.

With an emphasis on evidence-based treatment methods, the Pegasus IOP is facilitated by an experienced team of highly trained and credentialed clinicians with diverse areas of expertise. One of the many advantages of outpatient treatment is the ability to implement new skills and strategies into real-life situations from day one. Our program participants are supported in gaining awareness and insight into problematic behaviours, developing effective emotional regulation skills, improving personal relationships, and integrating relapse prevention tools essential for a successful life in recovery.

The Pegasus Intensive Outpatient Program offers daily programming over an 8 week period and includes:

  • Ongoing intakes for quick access
  • Abstinence-based care
  • Small group sizes
  • 12 hours of programming per week
  • Individual counselling sessions
  • In-person or virtual attendance
  • Educational lectures on the neurobiological and bio-psycho-social aspects of addiction and recovery
  • Evidence-based treatment methods
  • Trauma-focused and concurrent-disorder-informed individualized care
  • Diverse content and topics pertinent to behavioural change and successful recovery
  • Random biological screening for drugs and alcohol
  • Weekend check-ins with a counsellor or recovery coach
  • 6 months of weekly Continuing Care groups included

Our clients choose the Intensive Outpatient Program for support at various stages of their recovery journey.


The Pegasus IOP is an excellent standalone program for those wishing to embark on a recovery journey for the first time. Perhaps you cannot attend residential treatment due to the cost, or professional and family obligations, or you do not require the level of care that residential facilities provide. You may still be functioning well in your life, but wish to arrest problematic habits and behaviours with substance use before they begin to cause devastation. The Pegasus IOP provides the intensive treatment needed to create sustainable change without disrupting your day-to-day responsibilities.


Having recently completed treatment a residential facility, you wish to enhance your post-treatment care. Outpatient treatment provides the opportunity to engage in robust therapy in a less structured, real-life setting. The Pegasus IOP provides a supportive transition from the highly structured inpatient environment as you integrate recovery skills and relapse prevention tools into your daily life.


IOP is a great option if you have relapsed or are feeling vulnerable to a relapse. You may feel that you need comprehensive support in order to get back into alignment with your recovery and personal goals. Perhaps you are engaging in old problematic behaviours and wanting to intercept before a relapse occurs, and may be experiencing the following symptoms:

  • depression and/or anxiety
  • persistent cravings or thoughts of using
  • withdrawing or isolating from positive supports
  • engaging in other addictive processes or behaviours
  • problems with interpersonal relationships, at home or at work

Whether you are just starting your recovery journey, are struggling in your recovery, or have completed a residential program, our experienced addiction treatment professionals will provide the support you need to change your life.