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Workplace Drug Testing

Pegasus Workplace Solutions offers a variety of occupational testing services in order to help ensure employers that health and safety standards are met. 

At Pegasus Workplace Solutions, we understand that most workplace-related needs are time-sensitive, and can accommodate drug testing appointments on short notice.

Pegasus staff are trained in medical/legal collection procedures, including DOT and non-DOT Chain of Custody consent documentation. Our collection site is centrally located in Victoria, BC and we utilize several different testing modalities and laboratories in order to offer customized testing panels for a complete range of substances. 

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Workplace Drug Testing

Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-Employment Testing is conducted if workplace policy dictates that a potential employee must submit to a drug and alcohol test as a condition of securing employment, or prior to returning to a safety-sensitive position.

Post-Incident Testing

Post-Incident Testing, also known as post-accident testing, is conducted immediately following a critical workplace incident such as an accident or unexplained equipment malfunction. The employee must be escorted to the testing site by a supervisor.

Reasonable Cause Testing

Reasonable Cause Testing is necessary if an employee is exhibiting unusual behaviours that are consistent with being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work. The employee must be escorted to the testing site by a supervisor.

Types of testing include:

  • Point-of-collection tests (POCT) are collected under Chain of Custody protocol using Health Canada approved devices, and provide an immediate result with documentation. A screened sample is not considered positive until it undergoes confirmatory testing by GC/MS technology at a laboratory and reviewed by a Certified Medical Review Officer.
  • Blood Alcohol Breathalyzer tests for blood alcohol concentration and the result is available immediately. 
  • Chain of Custody Laboratory Testing can include alcohol, the most common drugs of abuse and, if needed, a variety of less common illicit and pharmaceutical substances. The result of each laboratory test is reviewed by a Certified Medical Review Officer prior to release.
  • Oral Fluid Collection is a directly observed process and therefore specimen validity is ensured. Our oral fluid testing panel can include alcohol as well as the most common drugs of abuse.

Effective August 2022 – expanded occupational testing services including nurse medical assessments now available

For further information or to arrange for testing, contact us at 250-514-0166 or